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Angela Rigas says ‘Lowering standards is not healthcare’ as Reproductive ‘Harm’ Act passes Michigan House
RELEASE|November 7, 2023
Contact: Angela Rigas

Rep. Angela Rigas spoke out today on the House floor in Lansing as a package of bills targeting abortion facilities and procedures in Michigan.

Referred to as the “Reproductive Health Act” this package would reduce longstanding restrictions, inspections and government oversight rules for the state’s abortion clinics which would also include facilities providing miscarriage treatments, stillbirths, and other infant loss procedures

“This bill is improperly named,” Rigas said.  “It shouldn’t be the reproductive health act – it should be the reproductive harm act. Women deserve better than this because this is not health care.”

“Lowering safety standards is not healthcare. Reducing inspections is not healthcare. Enticing college age kids into unsafe medical procedures which could cause future infertility is not healthcare. I know and I know from experience.”

Last month, Rigas moved the House to tears during a speech detailing her long history with infant loss and infertility including a disastrous procedure at a highly regulated clinic for a miscarriage which gave her a multi-year infection, scarring  and severe infertility issues.

“So many of my colleagues seemed to understand that day that life is precious, and women need to be protected during these operations,” Rigas said. “I thought we’d learned what can happen to women alone with doctors in this state but apparently Democrats still have not. My heart breaks as this moves forward. It’s going to hurt so many women and even more children. Women who may go through what I did deserve better. Their government failed them today.”

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