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Rep. Angela Rigas says Democrats are censoring Republican communications, ban words like “wasteful” from official newsletters
RELEASE|September 13, 2023
Contact: Angela Rigas

Rep. Angela Rigas is making a statement today against new mass communication policies being instituted by Democrats currently in the legislative majority.

“Last week we were informed that Speaker Joe Tate’s office would now be working ‘with’ our official Business and Compliance staff to pre-read and approve any and all mass messaging from both parties,” Rigas said. “This means my office could not say send a newsletter or even send a message to followers on social media without the approval of the Democrats.

It’s common for legislatures to have a list of rules for what is and is not allowed in state-funded communications materials. However, this has historically been handled by an impartial business office and the restricted speech has never been so specific.

“They don’t want us using words like ‘wasteful’ or ‘special interest’ or ‘China’ or the term ‘bloated budget.’ It’s shocking. I wonder why those words in particular are so threatening to them, don’t you? But, as obvious and pathetic of a power grab as this is, it should also make every Michigan taxpayer truly angry. Democrats are actively using their money to abuse and limit First Amendment rights. And if they’ll do it to elected officials they’ll surely do it to the people as well. That’s not what fair and honest legislators do to serve people. That’s what tyrants do to preserve their power. My office will continue to communicate honestly with the people of Michigan. With or without Democrat approval.”

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