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Rep. BeGole bill creates new state firearm designation
RELEASE|June 11, 2024
Contact: Brian BeGole

State Rep. Brian BeGole, of Antrim Township, today issued the following statement after standing up for the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners throughout the state, as well as in Shiawassee, Genesee and Saginaw counties, with the introduction of House Bill 5792. The plan names the AR-15 as Michigan’s official state firearm:

“Millions of people across the country and thousands in Michigan own an AR-15. This distinction recognizes these law-abiding gun owners who are often vilified just for having a firearm as a hobbyist or to keep their homes and families safe.

“In addition, many police agencies in Michigan use AR-15 platform rifles to keep our communities safe. As officers retire, they often continue to use this rifle as civilians because of its practicality, versatility and reliable track record.  

“More and more often, AR-15 owners are ostracized and criticized for their perfectly reasonable and legal decisions to possess a firearm. That’s just not right.

“I believe this recognition will go a long way in removing that stigma, which is creating an environment for laws and bills that erode our Constitutional protections, increase government overreach, and ultimately make us all less safe.

“I will continue to stand for our Second Amendment rights and with responsible gun owners in the House, while fighting against measures that seek to infringe on those rights.”

Michigan would join 10 other states where a state firearm has been designated: Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.


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