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Rep. BeGole: Governor skipping over major problems Michigan is facing amidst spending spree
RELEASE|January 25, 2024
Contact: Brian BeGole

State Rep. Brian BeGole, of Antrim Township, today said many proposed initiatives within Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address will create further affordability concerns for people, instead of easing the stress on their budgets.

Whitmer laid out plans for two years of free community college for all high school graduates, $1.4 billion in housing earmarks, additional green energy incentives and other costly, big government ventures. These plans come on the heels of a state budget for the current fiscal year that spent over $80 billion.

“If you look around the country, states that are growing and having success have lower taxes, more limited government and less red tape,” BeGole said. “The governor laid out a bunch of loose ideas and talking points to grow government’s role in our lives. But it contained no substance, all aspirations, and someone will eventually have to foot the bill. In many cases, it’s going to end up being hardworking people and small business owners across our communities.

“We can work together to deliver real reforms that will help people prosper, instead of relying on them to fund expensive, government-driven incentives for others who may or may not locate here.”

With a current 54-54 split in the House, BeGole said it is critical to pursue reforms that can generate broad support and address problems workers and families are facing. This includes lower taxes, dedicated local road funding, shoring up student performance through stronger education standards, and reforming a beleaguered Unemployment Insurance Agency that has let down individuals seeking benefits they were owed and squandered billions of dollars through fraud.

“The governor seems more concerned about paying for community college for everyone than third graders being able to read,” BeGole said. “There are real issues facing people and their families every day, and I’m hopeful we can start working to solve them.”

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