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Rep. BeGole: Michigan residents lose as Democrats refuse to work within legislative split
RELEASE|February 15, 2024
Contact: Brian BeGole

State Rep. Brian BeGole, of Antrim Township, today highlighted yet another week in the Michigan House in which priorities for workers and families were put on the back burner due to Democrats’ refusal to collaborate on reforms within a current 54-54 legislative split.

“This inability to govern is hurting workers and families across our communities and the state,” said BeGole, of Antrim Township. “People expect their elected leaders to work effectively on their behalf and pass good legislation – not take their ball and go home for four months as Democrats have done when the numbers aren’t in their favor and they can’t ram through an extreme agenda.

“Political games are getting in the way of plans that will help keep kids safer at school. It’s ridiculous, and these instances cause people to lose faith in government.”

BeGole underscored numerous commonsense proposals that remain gridlocked in the House, including a bipartisan school safety package that would dedicate more school staff to student safety and mental health along with expanding and improving the OK2SAY confidential tip reporting line.

Other plans that have not been taken up include a bill passed out of a Democrat majority committee that protects family farms from government overreach, as well as legislation ensuring men and women who have dedicated their careers to Michigan’s state prison system receive the same tax cut that was previously approved for other first responders.

On Tuesday, House Democrats failed to pass any legislation on a day where three votes had been scheduled. On Wednesday, House Republicans attempted to bring the school safety legislation to the floor for a vote, but the request was denied.

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