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Rep. Bruck’s plan to improve traffic flow on Michigan expressways cruises out of committee
RELEASE|April 24, 2024
Contact: William Bruck

State Rep. Will Bruck’s plan to enhance traffic flow and safety on Michigan’s expressways is picking up speed in the House after receiving unanimous approval from the House Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee.

Bruck, R-Erie, is driving legislation that would prohibit large trucks and tractor-trailers from driving in the left-most lane when traveling on expressways with three or more lanes. This will alleviate congestion on busy roadways by ensuring that vehicles over 10,000 gross vehicle weight do not impede traffic.

“With unanimous approval from the transportation committee, it’s clear that our plan is gaining traction,” Bruck said. “By making these simple changes, we can minimize congestion, make our expressways safer, and help drivers navigate our expressways with less frustration of gridlock.”

Under House Bill 5304, trucks would be prohibited from using the left lane on a three or more-lane freeway. Additionally, when a freeway closes one or more lanes for construction resulting in only two usable lanes, trucks must drive in the rightmost lane. The only exceptions would be for a reasonable distance before making a left turn, where a special hazard exists that requires the use of an alternative lane for safety reasons, or when posted in construction zones.

House Bill 5304 now advances to the full House for further consideration.


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