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Rep. Martin backs effort to form apprenticeship program for Michigan National Guard members
RELEASE|May 2, 2024
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin is helping lead the effort to establish a unique apprenticeship program tailored specifically for Michigan Army National Guard and Air National Guard service members.

Under House Bill 5703, which Martin has co-sponsored, training and experience gained during service in the Michigan Army National Guard and Air National Guard would count toward certain apprenticeship certifications.

Martin, a U.S. Air Force veteran, said the plan reflects his commitment to supporting Michigan’s service members and their families.

“This apprenticeship program is more than just a great opportunity for our National Guard members; it’s also a testament to our commitment to those who serve and protect us,” said Martin, R-Davison. “By recognizing their skills and experiences, we will not only arm them with valuable credentials but also demonstrate that we have their six.”

House Bill 5703 ensures the program will be cost-free for service members, allowing them to pursue professional development without financial burden. On-the-job learning will be integrated into duty hours under the direction of the service member’s supervisor.

The plan was referred to the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee for consideration.


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