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Rep. Martin: New polling shows people don’t want government meddling in auto market
RELEASE|March 28, 2024
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin today highlighted reporting that shows public frustration over emissions mandates and EV subsidies pushed by the Biden and Whitmer administrations.

The poll by Center Square shows nearly two-thirds of Michigan voters say the government is pushing electric vehicles too hard, given the low demand. Most also agree that the government should not continue wasting taxpayer money on electric vehicle subsidies.

Martin, R-Davison, said heavy-handed government meddling in the auto market isn’t working, and people are taking notice.

“Customers aren’t buying enough electric vehicles to satisfy left-wing politicians, so the politicians are trying to use government mandates and handouts to boost lagging sales,” Martin said. “This top-down restructuring of auto manufacturing is not working. Michigan drivers can decide what vehicle works best for their families.”

Another part of the poll found that half of likely voters say the Biden administration should reduce its targets for electric vehicle sales.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration just announced strict new emissions mandates that will require about 67% of new light- and medium-duty vehicle sales to be electric by 2032. The new mandate was met with praise from U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, despite the plant closures it will likely result in for Michigan’s auto industry.

“EVs are more expensive but take fewer workers to build, so this government-driven, premature switch to EVs will force drastic layoffs of auto workers like those we both represent in mid-Michigan,” Martin said. “I’m very concerned about the impact the new emissions mandates will have on our local economy.”

With less than 35,000 EVs registered in Michigan as of last month, the state is more than 1.9 million short of reaching Gov. Whitmer’s goal of 2 million EVs by 2030.


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