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Rep. Martin votes to expand opportunities to hunt in Michigan
RELEASE|June 11, 2024
Contact: David Martin

Plan opens up mentored youth hunt to people with developmental disabilities

State Rep. David Martin and the Michigan House of Representatives today voted to expand access to hunting in Michigan.

Martin, R-Davison, said the plan will provide mentorship and support tailored to individuals with special needs, making hunting experiences safe and enjoyable for all participants.

“Hunting is a tradition that brings families and friends together and teaches valuable skills and respect for our environment,” said Martin, R-Davison. “By expanding the Mentored Youth Hunting Program, we are opening the door for individuals with special needs to share in these experiences and create lasting memories.”

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program, established in 2012, allows children under 10 years old to hunt under adult supervision with an apprentice license. Apprentice hunters are limited to a two-year period on an apprentice license before they’re required to take hunter safety training to continue hunting independently.

House Bill 5737 broadens the scope of the Mentored Youth Hunting Program, making it inclusive of individuals of all ages with special needs and eliminating the two-year cap so that adults with disabilities can continue hunting under the supervision of another licensed hunter.

Martin, vice chair of the Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee, successfully advocated for an amendment to the bill to waive the license fee for people with developmental disabilities.

“This is a crucial step in removing financial barriers and promoting equal access,” Martin said. “It will make it easier for more families to get involved in hunting without worrying about the cost.”

House Bill 5737 now advances to the Senate for further consideration.


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