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Rep. Prestin: Dems will ban firearms the minute we stop paying attention
RELEASE|March 14, 2024
Contact: David Prestin

State Rep. Dave Prestin is sounding the alarm on Michigan Democrats’ plot to ban semi-automatic rifles. State Senator Rosemary Bayer, D-West Bloomfield, went on a Lansing area TV show Friday and alluded to plans for a future ban on lawfully owned firearms. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did an interview in December where she opened the door to a ban.

When asked if a so-called assault weapons ban would be passed in Michigan, Bayer said, “never say never” and “we got the first round of stuff through, we’re not gonna stop.”

When asked if the bill banning semi-automatic firearms was moving through the legislative process, she said, “none of that kind of thing will happen in an election year. So, who knows what will happen next year once we settle back down again.”

“Michigan Democrats can see how deeply unpopular a firearm ban would be,” said Prestin, R-Cedar River. “That’s why they would never consider such radical legislation in the same year they must answer to the voters. But just because they aren’t saying the quiet part out loud doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t spell it out plain as day. The longer Democrats hold complete control in Michigan, the more likely they will try and jam a firearm ban down our throats.”

Senator Bayer also expressed her support for requiring gun owners to get approval from local committees for their gun purchases, as well as requiring gun owners to go through a waiting period after the purchase of a firearm.

“We know our rights and we know how important those rights are to our state and country,” Prestin said. “It’s my job to defend people from government overreach. Banning legally owned firearms or adding unnecessary bureaucracy to lawful purchases are radical infringements on our rights that won’t be tolerated in Michigan and especially won’t be tolerated in the Upper Peninsula. I’m working everyday to restore our freedoms and ensure future generations will have the same protections we enjoy.”


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