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Rep. Prestin introduces bill to re-establish natural resource advisory boards
RELEASE|April 22, 2024
Contact: David Prestin

Bill part of larger House Republican plan to help small businesses

State Rep. Dave Prestin on Monday announced his bill to re-establish natural resource advisory boards to protect Michigan businesses from unnecessary rules and regulations.  The bill is part of a larger House Republican legislative package to help grow Michigan’s economy so Michiganders and job providers can succeed.

“It only took Gov. Whitmer and Lansing Democrats six years to implement enough rules and regulations to make every small business owner tuck their tails and run,” said Prestin, R-Cedar River. “The regulatory burden in Michigan is at a crisis level. Small businesses don’t have the resources to navigate the expansive new rules the state imposes. Yet, when someone does slip up, the state would rather fine them into nonexistence than explain the process and offer resources to guide business owners through the regulatory requirements.”

The House Republican economic growth plan comes after Gov. Whitmer’s Growing Michigan Together Council in December determined that Michigan needs a “bold, coordinated economic growth plan.” House Republicans laid out multiple proposals that form elements of the state’s growth plan, including reducing the income tax for Michiganders and small businesses, cutting red tape to make a fairer and more streamlined regulatory environment, and increasing accountability over taxpayer-funded economic development projects.

Before running for office, Prestin owned a truck stop in Cedar River. He purchased and rehabbed the property after it sat vacant for two years.

“When I bought my truck stop, I called the MEDC to see if they had any programs for small business owners. The short answer was they don’t. They were too focused on huge corporations to spend any time helping the little guy. That’s something that remains true to this day,” Prestin said. “Part of the reason I decided to sell the truck stop was because compliance with state regulations had become so burdensome. I guarantee there’s thousands of small business owners who feel the same way. We have to reverse the state’s constant march towards more regulation before every mom-and-pop shop is wiped from the map.”


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