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Rep. Thompson: Gov. Whitmer was in Brownstown to talk instead of listen
RELEASE|March 25, 2024

State Rep. Jamie Thompson issued the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer spoke about reproductive rights at an event today in Brownstown, where Thompson resides and a community she represents as part of the 28th House District:

“This continued barrage of politically charged rhetoric from Gov. Whitmer sums up a concerning trend our communities have been experiencing – political and partisan agendas are prioritized while our most pressing needs are passed over.

“It’s commendable that the governor made the journey to our area, but it’s disheartening that she chose to focus on a campaign issue rather than addressing the myriad of tangible challenges facing Michigan residents. It’s a lost opportunity.

“I talk to people in our community every day and listen to their concerns. They are worried about making ends meet given the price of groceries, gas, and rent. They are concerned about children who are being abused in the state’s care at psychiatric hospitals. They want strong public safety resources so their neighborhoods and families are safe, and they don’t want Michigan becoming the largest toxic waste dump in the country. Overall, people are concerned about their family’s future in our state.

“Voters have spoken and enshrined the right to an abortion in our state’s Constitution. It’s time for the governor to transition from campaign promises to substantive action. We must address the issues that truly matter to Michiganders so we can halt our state’s declining population, make life more affordable, and look out for our future generations.

“While the Governor continues to score political points and advertise “Bidenomics,” I will continue to stand up for the people, families and communities this current administration so often forgets.”

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